Resurrection sequel of IcyBox NAS-4220B – unbricking

As I wrote last time, I have bricked my NAS due to the upgrade to a new firmware. I had to start with debugging over the serial console. I have couple of RaspberryPis laying around. One of my RaspberryPi 2 had enabled a serial port from a previous project. The great thing is that NAS board Gemini and RaspberryPi are both on same voltage levels (3.3V) for I/Os ports, so they do not need any level shifter or converter, just 3 wire cable to be able to communicate via serial (UART).

Boards data lines cannot be connected before reset, otherwise NAS would not boot up. The connection has to be established straight away after the reset and in opened terminal on the Raspberry PI the Ctrl+C keys must be hit within 3 seconds form the reset to interrupt the normal booting sequence and launch the Red-boot interface.

Three wires are needed in order to connect the boards:

NAS-4220B Raspberry Pi2
#5 GND (black) #6 GND
#2 RX (green) #8 TXD0 (GPIO14)
#3 TX (yellow) #10 RXD0 (GPIO15)

2 thoughts on “Resurrection sequel of IcyBox NAS-4220B – unbricking

  1. Hi,

    did you manage to get the Raidsonic device boot up again?  I tried it, but I  my serial connection is totally garbled, sometimes the redboot menu is fully shown, after choosing an item  the screen gets garbled again. Connections should be fine, though…

    I think the time for this device has come 🙁  



    1. Hi,

      I have managed to wipe out Redboot as well, I have put in different version, so I have found the original one on the Internet, i will try soon to put back the original Redboot. I want to get OpenWRT (LEDE) firmware in, but it seems that partitioning of flash is not same.

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