Jiří Čanderle

Jiri Canderle

I have received a degree in an Automation and Control from VUT Brno DTU Lyngby. I have carried on by post-gradual studies in Britain, where I’ve got jobs in academic research projects. I became a Project Manager at few companies after my studies. I have returned back to my birthplace town Brno after some family circumstances, where I am carrying on my Project Managerial carrier and keep involved in top technologies. You can read my posts

Curriculum Vitae

4/2015 – now

Senior Project Manager

Red Hat Inc. (5000 – 9999 employees)

Open Source software production from OS, Middleware up-to applications. Managing Projects changing internal processes, introducing new technologies (e.g. Continues Integration/ Continues Delivery), and new tools. Responsible for Continues Integration/Continues Delivery and application life cycle management
7/2011 – 3/2015

PLM Program Manager

FEI Company, s.r.o. (2000 – 2499 employees) 

Hardware and software expertise in electron, ion, and light microscopy
Responsible for electronics life cycle management – setting such a solution to avoid production/service stops
7/2009 – 7/2011

Project Manager / Marketing Manager

AMEX Brno, s.r.o. (6 – 9 employees) 

Auctioneer and commercial registry
Responsible for SEO, SEM. Acquisition of new customers. Project Management.
2/2007 – 5/2009

Head of Project Development

I-COM International Ltd. (25 – 49 employees) 

Online Marketing Agency
Design of bespoke CMS and E-Commerce solutions for customers. Managing team of designers, developers and programmers. Inter-departmental liaison. Responsible for delivery of high quality products on time and budget.
6/2006 – 2/2007

Solution Architect

Solengin Ltd. (6 – 9 employees) 

R&D consultancy company in IT, mechanical engineering and alternative power sources
Research and analyses of customers needs, Design of Customer bespoke solution, Project Management
12/2005 – 6/2006

Project Manager / Technical Director

SpartaTechnologies Ltd. (6 – 9 employees) 

Private consultancy company, researching and developing new payment methods for mobile and other markets using SmartCards and RFID
Researching new technologies, and their application in other fields. Managing small team of programmers and developers.
9/2000 – 11/2005

Research Fellow

Salford University (5000 – 9999 employees) 

Advanced Robotics Laboratory Salford University Greater Manchester
Researching an use of Artificial Intelligence in control design of walking vehicles and new actuation methods. Responsible for projects budgets. Writing technical documentation.


1999 – 2005
Salford University
PhD as Research Fellow in Advanced Robotics and Control Systems. Presenting papers at international conferences. Responsible for own research budged.
1997 – 1998
Univerza v Mariboru
Study visit – cooperation on projects from electronics industry and low orbit satelites
1992 – 1997
FEKT VUT Brno / IAU DTU Lyngby
Cybernetics at FEKT VUT Brno Presenting paper at international conference MSc diploma from Automation at IAU DTU Lyngby, Denmark